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Standar Instalasi

The installation of the LPS using ESE air terminals must follow the relevant
standards (NFC 17102, UNE 21186 or similar):

  • The radius of protection offered by an ESE lightning conductor is related
    to its height (h) relative to the area to be protected, to its triggering
    advance and to the protection level. The following table shows the DAT
    CONTROLER® PLUS radii of protection.

Instal Penangkal Petir

Instal Penangkal Petir

  • The air terminal must be installed at least 2 meters higher than any other
    element within its protected area.
  • Each air terminal must be connected to the earthing using two
    down-conductors that will preferably be placed on different
    external walls of the structure.
  • The down conductor should be installed such that its routing is as
    straight as possible and takes the shortest path to earth without sharp
    bends or upward sections. Care should also be taken to avoid crossing
    or running conductors in close proximity to electrical cables.

Instal Penangkal Petir

Instal Penangkal Petir

  • When external routing is impracticable, the down-conductor may be
    internally routed inside an insulating non-flammable duct with a minimum
    internal cross-sectional area of 2000mm2. The project manager must
    also be aware of the reduced lightning protection system effectiveness,
    maintenance difficulties, and the risks resulting from the entry of voltage
    surges into structures. (” Instalasi Penangkal Petir “)
  • The number of fixings is determined considering 3 clips per meter.
  • Down-conductors should have a cross-section of at least
    50mm². Since lightning current is impulsional, flat conductors
    (tape) are preferable to round conductors because they have
    a larger surface for the same amount of material. On another
    side tin-plated copper is recommended due to its physical,
    mechanical and electrical characteristics (conductivity,
    malleability, corrosion resistance and so on).
  • Down conductors should be protected by installing guard tubes up to a
    height of 2m above ground level.
  • The installation of a Lightning Event Counter over the guard tube is
    recommended in order to perform the verification and maintenance
    operations which are essential for any lightning protection system.
  • The down-conductor must always be at least 3 meters from external gas
  • Each down-conductor must have an earth termination system.
  • Earth terminations should be located externally to the building.
  • The connection with the earth termination system must be done directly
    at the end of each down-conductor, using a device that allows the
    disconnection of the earth electrode and should be placed inside an
    inspection pit marked with the earth symbol.
  • The resistance of the earth measured by conventional means
    must be lower than 10Ω when separated from other conductive
    elements. (” Instalasi Penangkal Petir “)
  • The inductance of the earthing must be as low as possible. The
    recommended arrangement is vertical electrodes forming a triangle with
    a minimum total length of 6m. The vertical electrodes must be bonded
    with a conductor buried 50cm deep and separated at a greater distance
    than their length.
  • The use of a soil conductivity improver is recommended in high resistivity
  • All the earth termination systems should be bonded together and to the
    general earth system of the building.
  • It is recommended to use a spark gap to connect the lightning earth
    termination system to the general earthing, as well as the lightning air
    terminal mast to any aerials.
  • All elements of the earth termination system must always be at least 5
    meters from any buried metallic or electrical service.

Working basis and main materials

The functioning of Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals is based on the electric characteristics of lightning formation. Lightning initiates with a downconductor, propagating in any direction. Once it approaches a close proximity to objects on the earth surfaces any of them can be struck. The objective of an external lightning protection system is to control the lightning strike point and provide the lightning current with a path to earth avoiding damage to the structure.
The main feature of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Air Terminals is the generation of the continuous upward leader before any other object within its protected area. The standards define this characteristic using a parameter called advance time (Δt):” Average gain in upward leader triggering compared with a reference point having the same geometry. It is obtained by laboratory tests, and is measured in microseconds.”

The advance time determines the protection radius of each air terminal. If the triggering occurs earlier, then the distance at which the downward leader is intercepted increases, thus avoiding a lightning strike in a wider area. The advance time must be measured in a High Voltage laboratory, following the test procedure described in the ESE lightning protection standards.

The components for a Lightning Protection System using ESE Air Terminals are as follows:

External Lightning Protection System

  • One or more air terminals.
  • Two or more down-conductors.
  • An Earth Termination System.

Internal Lightning Protection System

  • A correct surge protection installation (see Overvoltage Protection
  • Other measures minimizing the destructive effects of lightning
    (equipotential bonding, screening, etc.)


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